Zika Virus – What We Know So Far

We know that mosquitoes have long been the longtime culprits for the spread of viruses such as Malaria, West Nile, and Chikyunga. However, there is yet another devastating virus that is capturing the attention of scientist, government, and the media: the Zika virus. We have done obtained some research to provide you with a comprehensive guide about this virus.  What is this Zika virus I’ve been hearing about? The [...]

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Michael Collins – Founder of Budget Distributors (trading under BeMed)

Born in the East End of London I should speak like a cockney like the rest of my family.  However both my brother and I speak normally (I think anyway). By the time I was 6 the war had started and we moved with all my cousins, aunts & uncles to Somerset in the west of England.  It was an idyllic childhood. Life was carefree, adults left you to [...]

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